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How to Start With Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are not a "get rich quick" scheme, true some people do make a substantial profit or even a fortune but many more lose everything they invested. The trouble is that when the winners make their money on penny stocks they then see another way to "monazite it" by selling all or part of the information they used to the general public to make even more money. The trouble is that just because something worked once that doesn’t mean it will work again, even if they give away all their secrets.

Many people who have bought these "easy way to make a million" books have invested their savings into penny stocks only to lose everything.

There is of course profit to be made if you can find a winner; some penny stocks have risen from just a few cents to tens of dollars in a very shot space of time. But many more have either stayed roughly where they were or faded away to nothing taking the shareholders money with them.

Although as a beginner it is important to take advice and read all you can on penny stocks you should not allow yourself to be pushed into a direction that your instinct tells you is not right for you. Whoever you take advice from whether it is your financial consultant or a friend who has themselves traded in penny stocks you should always take the advice you are given and do a little extra research yourself before you make a final decision.

They financial press, whether printed or online are a great source of free information on penny stocks and are a great tool if you are just starting up and do not have a lot of money to spend. There is a lot of irrelevant stuff that you will have to wade through at first, sites that give you small bits of in formation while just trying to sell you there penny stocks ebook or course.

Once you have found some good sites and publications that provide useful tips and information be careful that you don’t lose them again. Especially with websites, when you have found a good penny stocks site always bookmark it even if you think you will remember where it is, if you don’t, this will save you a great deal of time that could be better, and more profitably spent in research.

Once your research is going well you should do some "test trades" where you do all the work exactly as if you are going to start buying your first penny stocks. Take the advice do the research and make your decision, in fact do everything except actually buying the shares! This will let you see how they would have performed without risking any of your own money.

When you have done several successful "test trades" and have come out on top, at least overall, then you should be confident enough to start trading in penny stocks for real. This greatly lessens the risk of "losing your shirt" through lack of knowledge, and gives you more of a chance of a successful start to you penny stocks trading career.

Let's start the journey to read through the below articles:

  • What are Penny Stocks
    Penny stocks are shares that usually trade at a price of at or below $2.00.

  • Good Penny Stocks
    To make a good penny stocks investment there are a few points that you need to consider before you purchase.

  • Profitable Penny Stocks
    The key to any successful penny stocks trading is the preparation. Know what you are buying and why you are buying it.

  • Tradable Penny Stocks
    Making sure your penny stocks are tradable is one of the most important aspects to be aware of when buying for short term profit.

  • Penny Stocks Brokers
    Discount brokers are a very good idea if you are going to be trading their penny stocks frequently as the market moves and want to keep your costs down.

  • Start Trading Penny Stocks
    This article explains a few important requirements to start trading in penny stocks.

  • Trading Penny Stocks for Buy Back
    If a company is buying back it's own penny stocks then they are doing so on the basis of their knowledge of every financial detail and every projection for future trading.

  • Penny Stocks Profits
    Find out why your penny stocks are rising and this will put you in a much better position to know when to sell.

  • Penny Stocks & Cash
    Keeping a portion of your penny stocks fund liquid will help you to achieve profitability and make the success of your venture into the world of penny stocks trading more likely to be a profitable one.
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