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Market Club - If there’s one club service traders must enlist themselves into, it’s Market Club.  It’s an exclusive service run by INO.com that equips traders with high-tech tools and distinctive methodology apart from the rest.

Adam Hewison, owner of INO.com and founder of Market Club, created this service in order to share his secrets of "Trade Triangles", a tool which diagnose market movements, to traders of all generation with hope that they too can have a renewed discovery and passion for earning profits.  

He believes that money can be made mostly off the trading floor. His discovery of "Trade Triangles" in Geneva, Switzerland has changed his life tremendously and so his vision is to share them with others.

With buckets of time and sweat poured in, as well as loads of foresights, this is what Market Club is in a gist:

  • It’s an exclusive members-only service packed with first-class tools and technology for analyzing market trends
  • It’s the only trading service today that uses the "Trade Triangles" technology. It’s a mathematical formula that lets you walk through market movements with no hassles and more results.
  • "Trade Triangles" is no contest for all types of traders and investors.
  • Their state-of-the art technology allows you access from anywhere you may be. With just a computer and an internet connection, you can access your account in an instant.
  • Smart Scan technology, which is an online technology that gives you a general picture of the trends in the market. The instant technical analysis is so brilliant it can perform types of scans based from your own personal data.
  • Chart Portfolio which lets you design and personalize your own chart. Here, 100,000 symbols can be chart analyzed and thirteen studies can be applied.
  • They have a Data Central where you can download 100,000 symbols for your own satisfaction

And to top all that off, additional benefits are in store for you like:

  • Access to workshops by eminent speakers that talk about stocks, futures, options, forex, indices, money management and so much more. With this alone, the investment is already worth it.
  • A daily end-of-the-day email for complete analysis of your entire portfolio

For a limited time, you will also entitle the following bonuses:

  • The Secrets of Profitable Trading with Market Club DVD
  • Special Report! 17 Money Making Candlestick Formations
  • Special Report! Keep it Simple

MarketClub has received rave reviews not only from members, but also from the financial press. Here's what BARRON's have had to say about MarketClub:

We recently ran across an innovative charting site that's been around for about a year. MarketClub is a premium service offered by INO.com. It's well-conceived, well-implemented and worth the $199 to $239 annual subscription fee (cancellation within one month gets a full refund). Like INO.com, it provides tools for futures and options traders, but also covers stocks, precious metals and currencies. More than 100,000, primarily North American, symbols are supported, in addition to real-time foreign-exchange and gold prices.

MarketClub offers technical tools that are worth their $199-to-$239 tab.

The site's concept is simple. Its tools are built around the proprietary SmartScan technology, which earmarks securities that are in an upward or downward trend or at a 52-week high or low (but does not issue buy and sell signals). Create a portfolio of securities or indexes, and you can noodle around with a terrific little Java-based charting tool. You can also toggle quickly through various chart types on the same study and zoom in on a specified block. Data can be downloaded into spreadsheets and charting programs.

Click on the Chart Analysis link, and you get to the heart of MarketClub's SmartScan technology. MarketClub's analysis tool assigns a rating from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend), based on five variables like New 3-Month High. Based on your trading strategy, you'll want to pay more attention to specific variables, which will be displaying a red or green light. Finally, the site's Trade School features workshops by industry experts in audio or text format, and daily commentary touches on all the markets covered. Keep an eye on this site even if you're not ready to dive in: It's poised to keep growing.

Overall, MarketClub membership is nothing short of impressive. MarketClub not only gives you the tools you need to grab profits on the upside, it also gives you the tools for diversification and money management, two key elements of managing your risk. This is the one that you need to get if you want a sensible package for yourself.

Watch the video to discover MarketClub and its features.


Stock-Trading-Advice.com Rating = 5/5

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