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Futures Trading: Risks & Rewards

Novice investors generally shy away from future trading, because of the undeserved bad reputation that this type of trading has. While it is true that people have been wiped out in the Future market, many have become very wealthy as well. In reality, it is only as risky as you let it be.

If you approach futures as a gambling game, like roulette, or craps, your odds of coming out a winner will be as bad, or worse, as casino odds. However, if you arm yourself with education, avoid fear and greed, and approach managed futures as a serious investment opportunity, then the probability of success is excellent.

The process of trading future is also known as commodities trading. Unlike buying stocks, when you trade future you do not actually own anything. All you are doing is speculating on the future direction of the price of the commodity. In other words you are betting that the price will either go up (if you are a buyer), or it will go down (if you are a seller).

No one really has to take, or make, delivery of the underlying product that the contract represents. In fact, most of the time, the trader merely offsets his position at some time before the date that the contract is due.

The 3 types of Futures Traders

There are basically three types of people who trade in futures: Hedgers, Speculators, and Floor Traders. Here is an look into each of their individual roles.


Hedgers are individuals or companies that trade in the futures market so they can establish a known price level to satisfy a future need to buy or sell the underlying commodity. They do this in an effort to protect themselves against the risk of an unfavorable price change when it is time to fulfill their need. Some hedgers also use futures to guarantee a minimum profit margin in some transaction.


Speculators are more like stock traders. They are individuals or companies that try to make a profit from the price fluctuations of the underlying commodity. Whenever someone speculates in a futures trade, there is always someone who is taking the opposite position, or betting against the speculator. This may be another speculator, or a hedger, or a floor trader.

Floor Traders

The third type is the floor trader or "local". These are people who buy and sell for their own accounts directly on the trading floors of the exchanges. These are a very elite group of traders, not unlike Day Traders in the equities market. They are credited with giving the futures market the liquidity that it needs in order to function.

The chances are that you are most likely to fall under the speculator category if you are reading this article. This is extremely risky... you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge.

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