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Forex Mentor offers a complete home study DVD video seminar package on all the information you need to trade your own foreign exchange (forex) account profitably. It includes hours of instruction on three DVDs, a detailed 150-page study guide, trading tips, access to Forex Mentor’s member area (pivot calculator, message board, daily trading review), and a one month free phone consultation.

Forex Mentor’s coach and author, Peter Bain, is famous for his unique ability to uncover new and innovative ways to harness the power of the forex market. He is the author of the best seller ‘How to Trade Like a Pro in One Hour,’ which has sold in over 55 countries, and is also sold on Amazon.com. Peter, a passionate commodity and currency trader, learned trading in the early days from some of the top traders in trading houses.

Over time, he has developed a system – the Pivot program which consists of the same techniques used by many trading houses today. His system has been acclaimed as one of the leading tools to trade the forex market.

The video course talks mainly about Bain’s Pivot program which uses simple techniques to identify trading opportunities daily. Adhering to the concept of support and resistance, his system evaluates the previous trading day's market data to determine entry and exit positions for short and long-term trades.

The course explains these strategies and shows you in detail how to use these powerful pivot levels to guide your own trading. When you see price action violates pivot line, it prompts professional traders and automated trading systems to buy or sell, depending upon where price is going.

The pivot lines help traders avoid trading areas they call the “no man’s land.” These pivot areas are "high probability" support and resistance "zones" watched daily by thousands of professional currency traders and computer trading systems.

The video will also show you things like:

  • How to quickly identify profitable chart patterns and trendlines
  • Learn how to use powerful and amazingly accurate price projectors to know where price is going
  • How to use futures data to confirm the currency cash market trends.
  • How to anticipate big moves in the currency market by watching what the big traders are doing 
  • How to hedge your currency trades
  • How to implement the Pivot system used by floor traders
  • How to gauge price action with powerful filters
  • How to swing trade the forex's trendy run ups and downs
  • How to use MACD to confirm price action
  • How to use futures data to predict forex trends
  • How to recognize "iron-clad" forex signals and profit big time
  • How to implement your stop loss strategies and protect your money
  • Why simple moving average cross-overs don't work
  • How to use winning chart patterns in conjunction with the pivot points
  • Supports and Resistances: how to trade them in the forex
  • How to recognize false buy/sell signals

Overall, Peter Bain’s video course equips you with a complete set of know-how and confidence to trade in the forex market profitably.


Stock-Trading-Advice.com Rating = 5/5 Highly Recommended!

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